May 2019

May 2019

May 2019 Sept. 2017

G6S Normal by parentage

Riverside Ranch CF Jordan

Goat, Nubian, Sr. Doe (female)

ADGA# N1885475 | DOB: 4/27/2017 (4 yrs)


Tested G6S Normal

*B Riverside Ranch Capt Fantastic

NubianBuck (male)
ADGA# N1723716DOB: 3/6/20156 yrs
Fantastic is a son of Woest-Hoeve Captain*B, who is the sire of the 2015 ADGA National Jr. Champion, as well as the 1st Place Junior Get of Sire. Fantastic is the grandson of SGCH Iron-Owl PFY Pika 2*M, who was ADGA National Champion Nubian in 2013,2014, and 2015. We were blessed with triplets from this breeding, 2 does and a buck and we are so impressed with the quality of each that we retained all three. We have seen that he has more length of body and a longer, flatter rump, and gorgeous breed character over his dam. His dam SG Riverside Ranch PB Belen is a very powerful doe with a gorgeous and capacious udder, her rear udder is very wide, and the fore is full and smoothly blended. With the combination of this breeding we have high expectations for what Fantastic will do for our herd. We will be using him heavily for the 2015 breeding season so updates will follow. We have two does out of Capt Fantastic in 2016 and we see improvements in strength of bone as well all stronger more level top lines as well as height and width in the escutcheon. We are also seeing he is adding sharpness to the withers and tighter shoulders, and more angulation to the rear legs.

G6S Normal by parentage

Riverside Ranch GQ Eden

NubianSr. Doe (female)
ADGA# N1678671DOB: 4/6/20147 yrs
Eden is a daughter of Riverside Ranch AX Carena and Hoanbu Playboy GQ *B. She is a very sharp and dairy doe, her topline is more level than her dam. She is very high and wide in the escutcheon. She has a very correct leg set and she has short tight pasterns and good feet. Eden will be a first freshening 2 year old in 2016 and we are looking forward to see if GQ remains consistent with the improvements to the udders he has already made in his other daughters. Eden freshened in February 2016 with a high wide rear udder with a nice full smoothly blended fore, her teat placement is near ideal, we are consistently seeing improvement in teat placement from her sire GQ. Eden also has a very strong medial. We are very pleased with this breeding and look forward to show season. Eden's first show of the 2016 season she placed second in both rings in a large class of does even though she isn't very cooperative in the show ring. Our Linear Appraisal was in September 2016 and Eden scored VG 86 VVVV. 2018 Linear Appraisal - FS 89 VEVV 2019 Linear Appraisal - FS 90 VEEE
Service Sire:
Riverside Ranch CF Blackbeard

G6S Normal by parentage

Riverside Ranch CF Blackbeard

NubianBuck (male)Black
ADGA# N1938665DOB: 3/14/20183 yrs
Blackbeard is a buck out of our Abigail and Capt Fantastic. Sadly we lost Capt Fantastic, and because we love the offspring he gave us we decided to keep this son from our highest appraised Doe. Blackbeard resembles his dam in his body type, long and level over the top line, strong correct legs and feet, and beautiful breed character, the difference is he is totally black and for us that is very rare to have anything other than brown goats. Blackbeard is very gentle, as is his dam. We are breeding several does to him for 2019 kids and are looking forward to seeing his does.
 ADGA# N1938665 Black

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Jordan has length and strength of bone, and she has a wide rump as well as being wide in the escutcheon area.

We are very pleased with this breeding and we expect her to have high milk production just as her dam and grand dam.

We only took Jordan to one show in 2017 and were pleased with her placing.

Jordan freshened with a beautiful udder which is high and wide in the rear, long smooth fore, and nice teat placement. She had good milk production as a first freshener, and we expect her to produce well as she matures.


2nd place Intermediate Kid - Ring B
3rd place Intermediate Kid - Ring A
2nd place Best 3 Junior Females - Ring B


Oklahoma State Fair - 2019

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